Workplace Campaign Toolkit


Email Templates

From your campaign launch to the Thank Yous at the end, modify and use these email templates to engage and make the campaign your own. Simply modify to your business, and drop into a company-wide email and you're set to deliver information and a consistent message to your employees. 

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Macon County Impact Flyer

An educational flyer about how United Way impacts the community.


United Way Pledge Form

Feel free to download and print this form, or open the PDF in Adobe reader to fill on the computer. One copy should go to your employer/payroll contact, one copy comes back to United Way, and keep a copy for your records.


Click here for step-by-step instructions to electronically fill this form



What United Way Invests In

To see where United Way is currently investing, follow this link, or click on the "our partners" button at the top of the page.


How United Way Invests

To learn more about what guides our work and investment, follow this link to read about our Community Impact Approach.


Community Investment Process
Short video from a few years ago explaining our unique Community Investment Process.

Dolly Parton's Imagination Libary

We've brought an exciting new literacy program to Macon County - Dolly Parton's Imagination Library! Learn more about how we are delivering free books to children from birth until they turn 5.



Fundraiser Ideas

  • Oreo cookie eating challenge (can be virtual): Get contestants to eat as many oreos as they can within a time limit (2-3 minutes recommended). Each contestant will rally support by asking coworkers to donate a couple dollars per cookie eaten, or get a lump sum donation. Prizes can be given to contestant with most cookies eaten and most dollars raised. Can be done in person or contestants can do the challenge on live video conferencing app.
  • Hot pepper eating challenge (can be virtual): Contestants will agree to try and stomach a hot pepper. They will raise money from coworkers. The higher the donations get, the hotter the pepper gets! Can be done in person or contestants can eat the pepper on live video.
  • Pie in the Face (can be virtual): Employees will donate to their favorite supervisor so that supervisor can get a pie in the face. The contestant(s) with the most money raised will get pied! Can be done in person or via live video.
  • Jeans Days: Have employees donate to wear jeans for the day.
  • Coin Wars: Set up large containers to collect coins at different departments in your office.
  • Close Parking Spot raffle: Raffle off one or a few close parking spots near your office. Parking spot can be owned for however long you'd like - 1 week, 1 month, etc.
  • Chili Cookoff: Have employees bring in their best chili dish. Employees can donate to sample and vote on their favorite chili.
  • Hallway Golf: Form teams, get creative, and create golf holes throughout your office floor(s). Employees pay to participate in the golf game.
  • Wall of Wine: Have leadership donate bottles of wine, with a few higher-valued bottles. Bag the wines and display them on a table. Employees purchase tickets (ex: $10) and get to select one of the bottles.
  • March Madness Bracket: 50% of proceeds go to the bracket winners and other 50% comes to United Way.
  • Dessert/ice cream/bakery cart: Wheel a cart of donuts, danishes, cookies, brownies, or ice cream ingredients through the office. Collect donations for United Way in exchange for the goodies.
  • Balloon pop: Fill balloons with a note inside them with the name of various prizes - could be money, gift cards, vacation time, etc. and then blow the balloons up. Employees will pay to throw darts at balloons/pop balloons to get their prize.
  • Raffle baskets: Have employees donate special raffle baskets and then sell tickets for people to try and win their favorite baskets.
  • Sports Team Day: Have employees pay a certain amount to wear their favorite sports team apparel.
  • Popcorn sales: Who can resist the smell of fresh popcorn?

We have plenty more ideas. Let us know if you need more or want any further information about any of these! 217-422-8537,

Thank you for helping United Way!