About United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois

Our Vision

United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois envisions a community in which everyone has the opportunity to be self-sufficient.


Our Mission

United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois leads community transformation through effective, efficient, and integrated solutions that empower everyone to be self-sufficient.

Common Community Approach

United Way of Decatur & Mid-Illinois along with community leaders, subject matter experts, and agency program directors and executives, have developed a Common Community Approach to address poverty in our community. To reach our desired end state of all residents having the ability and opportunity to provide for themselves and their families without subsidized assistance or to live independently with dignity, we have developed five Lines of Effort to move our community towards self-sufficiency.

Line of Effort




Youth Education

Students graduate from high school college and/or job ready


Line of Effort




Adult Employability & Income Resilience

Adults are job ready and bankable

Line of Effort





A wellness focused community with healthcare access for all


Line of Effort





Prevent trauma and victimization, protect those who are traumatized, develop/improve victim resilience and rehabilitate offenders

Line of Effort





Needs are matched with resources



Essential Services and Program Linkage


Essential Services and Program Linkage

Essential needs are met such as food, shelter, and clothing; linkages established to Line of Effort programs