United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois leads community transformation through effective, efficient, and integrated solutions that empower everyone to be self-sufficient.

Giving to United Way is the most effective way to create opportunities for people in our community to move beyond crisis to stability.

United Way specializes in finding innovative solutions and measuring results--so we know we are making the biggest impact to improve lives and your investment is working as hard as it can. If you want to make the most of your resources and improve people's lives by impacting the entire human service system, there's no more effective way than through United Way.

Your investment in United Way goes to the Community Impact Fund, which then gets disperesed by volunteers into our community to change people’s lives. Through more than 50 funded programs, targeted initiatives, partnerships with schools, community leaders and corporations, as well as collaborations with human service experts, United Way helps people become independent. By investing in United Way, you help ensure the network of services that no one agency or program could provide.

Yes. United Way of Decatur and Mid-Illinois's 990 is available on our website under the Financial Information Tab.

United Way Community Impact Fund is divided into five Lines of Effort in addition to Essential Services and Program Linkage: Youth Education, Adult Education and Training, Health, Safety, and Inform. These Lines of Effort determined through three years of research, assessments, data collection, and conversations with community leaders, social service agencies, hospitals, law enforcement, and subject matter experts.

Volunteers that invest in the process determine the most effective programs to reinvest in. Volunteers spend 30+ hours doing in-depth research on programs’ fiscal records, outcomes, and service numbers, ensuring that each dollar is being used to its maximum, for those in greatest need, and within the scope of United Way’s Lines of Efforts. If you are interested in volunteering for fund distribution, please call 422-8537.