Our Partners

in Macon, DeWitt, Moultrie, Shelby, & Piatt counties


United Way invests in programs, not agencies as a whole. Below you will find local programs receiving investment and the local agencies that implement those programs.

Macon County Program Investment 2018-2020

Line of Effort #1 - Youth Education

Students graduate from high school ready for college and/or job

Line of Effort #2 - Adult Education, Job Skills Training, & Income Resilience

Adults are job-ready and bankable

Line of Effort #3 - Health

A wellness-focused community with healthcare access for all

Line of Effort #4 - Safety

Prevent trauma and victimization, protect those who are traumatized, develop/improve victim resilience, and rehabilitate offenders

Essential Services & Program Linkages

Assure essential needs are met such as food, shelter, and clothing; linkages established to other Line of Effort programs

DeWitt County Program Investment 2019-2021

Moultrie County Program Investment 2019-2021

Shelby County Program Investment 2018

Piatt County Program Investment 2018